5 Apr 20:54
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When someone says that they don’t like cheese



10 Apr 13:16
2 years ago
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Fresh mozzarella, sandwich pepperoni, and tomatoes on white Pullman bread.

5 Apr 18:31
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We’re baaack!

21 Mar 18:40
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The Harmony of Beer and Cheese, Murray’s Cheese

9 Mar 13:02
2 years ago
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Joon: Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese.

(submitted anonymously)

If you guys don’t know about Murray’s Cheese, you need to remedy that immediately.  They’ve been around since 1940 and have some unbelievably fantastic products; these folks know their way around cheese.  Both of us have used their cheese in grilled cheese sandwiches for super tasty results that are way, way better than standard grocery store fare.

And for a bonus - that’s especially important to Sara because, unlike Nina, she doesn’t live in NYC - they have satellite locations across the country.