11 Jan 19:03
2 years ago
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Cheese: gouda, cheddar
Insides:  caramelized onions, grilled red pepper, crumbled bacon, lemon honey mustard
Garnish:  scallions, diced tomatoes

This was…not entirely successful, from a technical standpoint.  I am having Serious Problems melting cheese lately (swiss cheese and I are done, professionally) and those problems were in full force tonight.  When the bread was golden and crispy and toasted to perfection, the bottom layer of cheese had only just begun to melt and the top layer had never even heard of the concept of melting.  Rather than have cheese- and veggie-covered charcoal for dinner (and lose my status as Only One In The Building Who Has Never Set Off Her Smoke Detector), I stuck this in the microwave for about a minute to finish off the melting.  And then I had melty cheese, but my bread lost some of its toastiness in the process.  Oy.

Tasty, though.